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All inspiration today is related to friendships. I've made some great friends through God and they have ALL made me value the power of friendship and growing through Christ!! I'm a late bloomer. A lot of my friends are getting married, having children and I'm still finishing school, but I needed to take some “extra courses” in order to have the future I desire and to be a better Follower of Christ. The last two passages relate to those of us who are still single and our friends who are getting married. Sometimes it seems as if they are moving on and we are "stuck". I like to view it like this: I need to take a couple more courses in order to be a better person and in the future be a better wife and mother. Nothing tells a testimony like experience!!

1) The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Some people come into our lives
And leave footprints on our hearts
And we are never ever the same.

Some people come into our lives
And quickly go... Some stay for awhile
And embrace our silent dreams.

They help us become aware
Of the delicate winds of hope...
And we discover within every human spirit
There are wings yearning to fly.

They help our hearts to see that
The only stairway to the stars
Is woven with dreams...
And we find ourselves
Unafraid to reach high.

They celebrate the true essence
Of who we are...
And have faith in all
That we may become.

Some people awaken us
To new and deeper realizations...
For we gain insight
From the passing whisper of their wisdom

Throughout our lives we are sent
Precious souls...
Meant to share our journey
However brief or lasting their stay
They remind us why we are here.

To learn... to teach... to nurture... to love

Some people come into our lives
To cast a steady light
Upon our path and guide our every step
Their shining belief in us
Helps us to believe in ourselves.

Some people come into our
Lives to teach us about love...
The love that rests within ourselves.

Let us reach out to others
And feel the bliss of giving
For love is far richer in action
That it ever is in words.

Some people come into our lives
And they move our souls to sing
And make our spirits dance.

They help us to see that everything on earth
Is part of the incredibility of life...
And that it is always there
For us to take of its joy.

Some people come into our lives
And leave footprints on our hearts
And we are never ever the same.

~Flavia Weedn~

This one made me cry!! We should always have the door to our hearts open!!

3) A Strange and Lonely Place: Far From Home, Internationals Search for Friendship:

Shemar told me that he was shocked when he first visited our home. “You didn’t care what color I was. You just loved me.” Shemar was a Hindu from Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) where he was designated a “colored.”

In his country he fought in the army to protect whites and yet he was treated like an outsider. At a restaurant he had to stay outside with the dogs, but whites could go inside. His brother was killed by guerilla soldiers that were funded by some so-called Christian group, so he hated Christians bitterly.
Soon after coming to the United States, he was invited to one of our parties for international students at our home. He declined, “They are Americans; they won’t have anything to do with me; I am colored.” And when he learned we were Christians he absolutely refused. But eventually he did come, and found that he was very much loved.
He was lonely and troubled. One night he was so lonely that he parked his car outside our house and slept in the car all night just to be close to somebody that loved him. And eventually he trusted Christ because of that kind of love.
Jesus loves people like Shemar enough to bring them halfway around the world to put them in touch with one person who loves the Lord and loves them.
4) How can I best relate to my married friends?
Remember envy builds walls; love breaks them down. ~ 1 John 4:7-12

5) It takes effort to cross the boundaries of race, social class, age, and marital status. But if you belong to God, you are brothers and sisters, and you should make the loving effort to cross over those boundaries and "love one another" (4:7). Envy builds walls. But love can tear them down and shows that we have been "born of God." Just as the love of God broke down the wall between him and us, so your love for your brothers and sisters can break down any walls of division.
But in real life, that can be easier said than done. When a friend gets married, sometimes you can't help it—you do feel envious, wondering what life is like "on the other side." However, part of loving others is being content with your life. Then you can relate to others without envy, focusing on what you have in common. You can take the initiative and open up to married friends about your work, your joys or struggles in your spiritual journey, or ways you've seen God at work in mutual friends' lives. And you can listen to what they're discovering about God, too! (See also Romans 15:1-6; Ephesians 5:1-5.)

Good Words to Remember:
Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. ~ 1 John 4:7

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I stumbled across this community of yours feeling a little bit lost and your words have helped to remind me that as a child of God, He is moving through my life at every moment, through every person that I have the good fortune of meeting and every moment that I am blessed to experience. Thankyou :).

AMEN!!! i've always found that when you feel God is the farthest away from you is when you need to dig deep in the Word and seek Him harder!! if you need any specific encouragement or prayer...let me know!!!
Wow. Thankyou!